Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Is He Or Isn't He?

Girl 1: Is that his laugh?
Girl 2: no
Girl 1: that's good because I was going to say he just got a lot less attractive.  He's gay anyway.
Girl 2: I know you say that
Girl 1: He is.
Girl 1: He IS.
Girl 2: You said that about Ryan too.  Your gaydar is way off.
Girl 1: My gaydar was right about my dad when I said he was gay when I was eight...
Girl 2: yeah, are way off with Ryan.
Girl 1: I don't think so.  I think he'll be a late bloomer.
Girl 2: He is not gay
Girl 1: He is
Girl 2: is not
Girl 1: is
Girl 2: is not
Girl 1: I reckon he'll have a wife and kids and then...
Girl 2: NO, he is not

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