Monday, 19 April 2010

Weird AND Creepy

Creepy Boy: In future don't make jokes about people's friends dying.
Normal Boy: *confused look*
Creepy Boy: you shouldn't make jokes about people's friends.
Normal Boy: What are you on about?
Creepy Boy: About seven weekes ago. About seven or eight weeks ago you made a joke about Ed. You made a joke about Ed had died.
Normal Boy: I never said that.
Creepy Body: You made a joke
Normal Boy: I never said that.
Creepy Boy: You did. And now he's dead.
Normal Boy: WHAT?
Creepy Boy: He's dead.
Normal Boy: No, he isn't
Creepy Boy. He is.
Normal Boy: I've known Ed for ten years. I know him really well. He's not dead.
Creepy Boy: In future you should know that you're.... You should know.
Creepy Boy: *leaves*
Me: That was creepy.
Normal Boy: It was!
Me: Do you know him?
Normal Boy: NO!
Me: You should phone Ed though.
Normal Boy: I'm GOING to.


  1. I love it when you get personally involved in the Till Talk!

  2. Me too!! You must find out what's happened to Ed, please! I hope he's OK!!!